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Football’s New 2013 Nike NFL Jerseys

In front of a crowd of over 400 fans attending the division's annual Great Gold Dash Auction, the Charlotte 49ers revealed their 2013 inaugural football uniforms.The Charlotte 49ers basketball team unveiled their inaugural jerseys at the 2013 Excellent Gold Rush Auction Sunday night, and they’re not 50 percent bad.

Four players appeared from behind a figure screen to model each one of the combinations that can be used during the traditional 2013 season.

Two of the cycling tops, one green and one bright, were then signed by head coach Brad Lambert and also auctioned off during the event event.

The four combinations provided all white and all green variations as well as combinations of the green jersey with white slacks and the white jersey together with green pants. The 49ers may also wear a white head protection with green speckles.

The full photo of both the (Nike-supplied) home jerseys (Niner green jerseys with a whitened and gold stripe throughout the shoulder) and away cycling jerseys (white tops with a green/gold glenohumeral joint stripe) was tweeted out by the running department shortly before they were modeled on stage at the auction.

The predominantly eco-friendly and white uniforms include gold and black highlights to match the four colors located in the Charlotte 49ers official logo. 

The 49ers will compete this fall in their first year of NCAA football. The 49ers will compete as a Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) independent in 2013 and 2014 before joining Conference USA in 2015.